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 INSCYD Testing

The World's Most Advanced Physiological Performance Analysis Software

  • Precise human performance testing without a lab, lactate, and VO2 measurements.

  • Provide a holistic and detailed insight into your physiology.

  • A performance analysis tool that will allow you to truly tailor your training sessions to your goals and needs.

  • Remove the guesswork out of training.

INSCYD will:

Provide you with a comprehensive look at the layers of your physiology that enable your actual performance.

It explains how physiological metrics interact and compose an athletic performance.

INSCYD tracks every single metric and projects future performance outcomes.

Explain you how your performance is composed and what you can do to increase it.

Start training for real. Use INSCYD.

Because you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

How INSCYD testing can improve performance for you:

What is the best way to improve your power and performance on the bike


There are so many different ways of tackling this but which training stimulus is the best for you at this moment?

Is it Sweet Spot, high volumes of long slow distance or perhaps polarized training? Now you can find out what’s the best possible solution for you.

We need to discover the building blocks of how your power is produced through VO2max and VLaMax.

INSCYD testing gives you an accurate measure of both plus loads more. With this data we can now train with confidence and improve performance to achieve your individual goals.


Performance is not random.

It can be broken down into a very small number of fundamental components. In cycling, we really don't need to think further than aerobic capacity (VO2max), glycolytic capacity (VLaMax), and aerodynamics. Functional Threshold Power (FTP, or the anaerobic threshold) is important, but it is to a very large extent determined by the combination of VO2max and VLaMax, so if we want to improve FTP, what we really want to be doing is improve VO2max or VLaMax. Only when we understand our own physiology and metabolic profile, can we really plan our training the most effectively.


With the INSCYD Critical Power testing service that you can do at home or out on your normal cycling routes using only your power meter, you will get this kind in-depth understanding of your physiology. You will get to know what your VO2max, VLaMax, Anaerobic Threshold, and Fat and Carb oxidation rates are, and your training will become more targeted and informed, resulting in an improved performance.

Most labs will only test your VO2max and your threshold, but you will not get to know your VLaMax.


Knowing both VO2max and VLaMax is essential for knowing what to focus on in training. That is, should you train your VO2max, your VLaMax, try to get your threshold to a higher percentage of VO2max, or should you focus on your ability to oxidise fat? 

Once you know your physiology, selecting the correct training plan becomes easier and more effective. What what type of training is recommended for each of the physiological targets will be based on the test results.

Here are a few infographics to better understand

the difference INSCYD testing can make.



The coaches of best athletes in the world – such as Peter Sagan, Tony Martin and Jan Frodeno – use INSCYD to plan, manage and monitor the training of their athletes. Now you can too!

„INSCYD is like a compass that guides us in the dark“ Marco Pinotti, Head of Performance CCC Team

„The more we can understand how an athlete does what they are capable of doing the better we can focus what they need to do to get better and this is why after months of assessing and testing with INSCYD I am happy to partner with them to ensure I am doing my utmost to get the best out of the athletes I work with.“ David Tilbury-Davis, Professional Triathlon Coach

„It looks inside the body in order to understand what is happening“ Prof. Dr. F. Rodriguez, University Barcelona, Spain

„The Power-Performance Decoder is like a remote controller, and nowadays crucial to give us coaches an insight in the riders their actual level.“ Kristof de Kegel, Coach of Mathieu van de Poel and Team Alpecin FENIX

„Your really know what you need to work on if you know your VLamax“ Dan Lorang, Coach of Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug

“With the help of the INSCYD software I have been able to cater my training to my own unique energy systems, and tailor that plan to be efficient at the races and durations that I want to excel at.“ Lionel Sanders –Pro Triathlete

“INSCYD testing especially helps my coaches to help create the best training programs for us.” Primoz Roglic, Winner Vuelta d’Espagna 2019

„INSCYD offers us the ability to create the most accurate measures of metabolic efficiency available today“ Prof. Elliot Hawkes, Stanford University

„INSCYD is the perfect solution to understand how training effects the adaptation of specific physiological systems.“ Dennis Sandig, German Triathlon Federation

„INSCYD helps me the most before the major training periods because we want to make sure that we make the best possible training program.“ Mathieu Heijboer, Head Coach Team JUMBO-VISMA


A 360-degree view of your physiology

With an INSCYD critical power test you can obtain a full metabolic and performance profile. The test result is a multi-dimensional model that includes all the relevant physiological components of performance. Your capacity to perform in any race and the way you should train to improve on that performance can be boiled down into the following metrics that you will obtain. Each of the below metrics is measured by INSCYD and is critical for your performance. 



Step 1: Perform the time trials -

you only need a power meter  

After you order the test, you will receive all the information and protocol required about exactly how to perform the time trials that make up the test. Note that you can do the time trials whenever you want, wherever you want, as long as you do all of them within a few days of each other. We recommend spreading out the time trials over 3-5 days, e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the same week or if you conditioned all in one go.

You will be doing a 20-second sprint test, a 3-minute all-out time trial, a 6-minute all-out time trial, and a 12-minute all-out time trial.

Generally, I recommend performing the three longer time trials on separate days, but to complete all within at most 5 days. So for example, the protocol could look as follows. 

  • Monday: 10 min easy, 5 min ramping up power (from Z2 to Z5) followed by 1-2 x 6-8 second sprints, 8-10 min very easy spin where the last 100 seconds are coasting (no pedaling allowed),  20-second all-out seated sprint, 15 min easy spin, 3 min all out time trial, warm-down. 

  • Wednesday: 10 min easy, 5 min ramping up power (from Z2 to Z5) followed by 1-2 x 6-8 second sprints, 8-10 min very easy spin, 6 min all-out time trial, warm-down.

  • Friday: 10 min easy, 5 min ramping up power (from Z2 to Z5) followed by 1-2 x 6-8 second sprints, 8-10 min very easy spin, 12 min all-out time trial, warm-down.

You send me the workout files (in fit-format), and leave the rest to me for analyzing your files, selecting the right inputs, and then letting the software get to work and crunch the numbers.


Step 2: Results - your physiology, your

metabolic fingerprint, and your training zones

You will be sent a full report with all the metrics mentioned above. Included will be a few key charts that will help you apply the information in practice. For example, as training interventions or race nutrition plans. Importantly, you will also get training zones that apply to you as an individual. 


Step 3: Train with no more guesswork -

your results will tell you what you need to work on

Imagine two triathletes or cyclists, both weighing 75 kg.  Both have a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) of 250W. Rider A has a VO2max (Aerobic Capacity) of 50 ml/min/kg. Rider B has a VO2max of 63!?  How is this possible?

Rider A has a VLaMax (Glycolytic Capacity) of 0.3 mmol/l/s. Rider B has a VLaMax of 0.9. A higher VLaMax means a lower FTP!  And FTP is to a very large extent determined by the combination of VO2max and VLaMax.

For Rider A to improve their FTP, they need to improve their VO2max.
For Rider B to improve their FTP, they need to lower their VLaMax.

Two riders with the same FTP.  But two completely different training solutions to improve performance. Unless you know your physiology and your metabolic profile in detail, any training that you do is like walking blind-folded in a dark room. It's time to do Physiological performance testing and metabolic profiling.


Ready and available without a lab - just you, you bike, your power meter, on the road or on your indoor trainer. Reach your next limit!!!




If you have a basic understanding of exercise physiology and metabolism and are ready to do a little work on your own to understand your results, this is an affordable option for you. 

AED 620

Full Metabolic Testing service and complete results report


If you want to be sure that you make the correct training decisions from your results and think you'll need with some follow-up questions over email, this is the best option for you (most athletes fall in this category).

AED 770


Full Metabolic Testing service and complete results report

Email follow-up: get any additional questions related to the test results answered by myself, trained in understanding and using these results.  



For TriConnect Caching Coached Athletes we are happy to offer the below preferential pricing

AED 450


Full Metabolic Testing service and complete results report. Results will be discussed in detail and used for future program design and planning.

Any additional questions related to the test results answered by myself,  trained in understanding and using these results.  


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