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  • It is a relationship, not a training plan! Whenever you have a question or general comments or suggestions, I am is just an email or text message away. There's no limit to this communication. 

  • Completely individualized, ongoing coaching. Way more than just a training plan, this includes ongoing communication, monitoring, adjustments, all to maximize your performance.

  • The on boarding phase includes completing an in-depth questionnaire, communicating with your coach on phone/video calls and email/text-based messaging, and day-to-day interaction and adjustments around your workouts.

  • You will also have regular coaching calls with me, where you can discuss things in even greater detail. 

  • Plan delivered in Training Peaks (you can use a Free or Premium account)

Swimming Laps
  • I use WKO5 Analysis (WKO5 provides advanced training insights using athletes' unique physiology) in gathering personalized feedback on training stimulus and progress towards your goal. 

  • I daily monitor all your training and workouts and comments, and this all goes into informing decisions for upcoming training or even changing the current training. 

  • Your training is adapted to your individual needs and goals, to your life outside of training (family, work, travel) and to how you respond to the training prescribed. 

  • I work with a limited number of athletes to be able to provide a lot of attention to each individual athlete. 

  • No minimum commitment time (but a 14-day notice period for cancellation of the service)

  • Unlimited communication. Any questions, comments or suggestions, just email/text your coach. Communication also occurs around specific workouts, in Training Peaks post-workout comments. You will also have regular (typically biweekly) coaching calls.

  • I monitor your training on a daily basis and makes adjustments as needed (whether identified by the coach themselves or as requested by you).

  • Best Bike Split Race Plans (When applicable, Best Bike Split uses a unique physics engine and personalized power data to create the perfect race day plan) to be used as and when required.

  • Simple, transparent pricing – all-inclusive package for your success

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